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Grease Review

Richard Fitt, NODA

You'd think wouldn't you that coming out of a major disruption to everyday life with an uncertain future ahead, that the sensible option would be to choose a small show, easily rehearsed, requiring a small flexible cast and few resources. Well yes, but then you wouldn't belong to Bedford Marianettes, who are made of sterner stuff and who it appears love a challenge. So, instead they chose a full-on musical with a cast numbering in the twenties, requiring hours of face to face rehearsal, intricate coordinated dance moves and complicated music. And so their production of Grease was born. Cast entirely over the Internet, using Zoom during the first lockdown in April 2020 and rehearsed in the face of ever-changing government regulations, with the inventive use of parks, gardens and car parks. Eighteen months later, despite all the problems they must have faced, here we were at The Trinity Arts Centre in Bedford to watch the final result in front of a full house. And oh boy, it was certainly worth the effort.

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